Park Opening Times & Twitter Info

The Park

The opening times page is now updated and has the Nottingham City Council website link and car parking info.

The linked ‘Wollaton_nottm’ twitter account is essentially a twitter with ‘Days out’ and Sport retweets-and information retweets from places in the E-W Midlands and S Yorkshire each week those places send out info on their amenity-park-organisation-museum and events that folk in Nottingham can travel to for a day out.

The blog has similar info on the pages with static links (these need regular checking, comment please if a link is out of date! Thanks)

You can find the twitter on the blog Sidebar:- scroll down! Or if you have your own twitter account (easily set up with your email address) and you ‘follow’ Wollaton_nottm the tweets will arrive in your account each week.

These tweets will move up the blog sidebar soon – …when three mobile let me tether 30Gb of my payg all you can eat data!


Tweeting Days Out and Sports retweets weekends and other tidbits like Allergies once a week, Trending Events (e.g.Olympics Paralympics, Footie match links Cycling, our Splendour, other local parks and events) as and when! Also Lots lists for Twitter Account folk to import.

Twitter Campaign: A plea on each retweet-tweet for automatic Facebook-blog-website shared pics to be smaller as Twitter was designed for 140 characters and pic-vid sizes are going to 40-60Mb costing kids and folk lots datatime just scrolling!


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