Super Lakeside Walk


There is a wider pathway beside the Lake too.

Super walk hop off the 35 bus, wander through the park and catch the 30 in the Village home?

The Lake is filled from the Tottlebeck which starts at Bramcote Moor and where our lovely Holocaust Gardens are at Bramcote Park with the park, gardens leisure centre and the actual Hemlock Stone a huge rock deposited by a glacier they say! It runs in a Culvert under the railway and then past the Hemlockstone Pub, into the Park and then goes on to fill the University Lake and eventually through the retail park with the Showcase Cinema, Bowling Alley and Casino (hi tech!) to the Trent just by Clifton Bridge. (A very famous Restaurant too)!!

Its likely at one time in the dim and distant past that it ran down the hill by the Church and through the park. The Lake was built in the late 1800s.

It is possible to walk or cycle the footpath from Bramcote Park to Bramcote Lane then Moorsholme Rd Wollaton and Parkside Rise and into Wollaton Park. The opposite direction along the old canal bank takes you to Trowell Garden Centre and on (under the motorway bridge stay on the same side) and onto the Cossall Canal walk-cycle path.


Check the sidebar for lots of days out information, sports updates-info and Olympics info!

Take care Walking and Cycling, but enjoy!

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