The 2016 Olympics in Rio

Planning days out, walks in the Park around the Rio Games? Use these links as your ‘App’ Of course our licensed telly (the beeb) have the ‘red’ button for more than one channel and their own website and iplayer.

It’s not clear about the permissions that have to be granted on android to use the beeb app-iplayer links or how the ‘beeb’ get around the copyright when their link is installed as an App particularly as they eshew advertising. Maybe they just point their cameras in different directions or zoom out, but the Games, International Teams, Sport Teams and Athletes all have brand sponsors. It’s quite complicated.

As a purist- the information is here direct from the official International webmaster (techie wizzes-wizardess es)! You can view the official images, vids etc.


The Rio Official info:

Only a weblink is allowed!

The Pictograms and a typed explanation for each one in case you are confused, is on the results link above.


Hoping these 3-4 links are ok, the blog is non-commercial and a leisure and tourism educational resource. The twitter list of GB Sport organisations has been made on Wollaton_nottm twitter and sent to TeamGB as they didnt have their own list!

Brand Info and Pictogram info. Its not possible to use their brand words, font, images erc. Check their supa ecology sub-brand info too just for interest.

TeamGB and their twitter list of Athletes is on this blog sidebar amongst the retweets and in the list of lists!

Info list by Sport (they only tweet GB info)!/wollaton_nottm/olympic-teams

TeamGB Partners

Nottingham City in years past used to know everything there was to know about International Advertising with our Players Company- long time ago, different era, different laws, country considerations. Strange where Sport is concerned, but true. Although Athletes then weren’t Professional. The Company issued collectible cards in sets. Not everyone had television and of course in the early days it hadn’t been invented. Today many people around the world don’t have access to a telly. Maybe more people would participate in their local sports now in the West and not be sofa spectators without their televisions and we wouldn’t need so much electricity!

My own little Aunt Miss Alice M. Henshaw, who taught little people to read and write at a Wollaton Primary School and in Nottingham for 41 years was given a TorchTrust Award (safe) for her services to Hockey both as a player and National Womens Hockey Association Treasurer in the 1970s.

Many International Tournaments and National Tournaments were organised from the dining room table in our extended family home. Her best friends Miss E Britten (Betty) was Players Company Personnel Exec and also the UK Womens Cricket Captain and Miss Waters was the sports head of department at the Nottingham High School for Girls. They were awesome in quietly organising womens sports. These kind of folks work tirelessly for no pay for Sport all around the world.

She lived to a healthy 91. Lovely Auntie.

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