Olympics, TeamGB 2016

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The copyright info in 2012 advised that a basic web address link was ok.

The Olympics 2016 start this week, lots of luck to TeamGB.

For Interest:-

Rio de Janeiro


Think there are sharks in the bay- many years ago working running a Lloyds Leasing Leasing local office (long story, taken over, redundancies etc.) I had the ‘delight’ of running a salesmen’s competition with the winning ticket being a trip to the Rio Carnival! One large international photocopier leasing company team expected to be granted the winning ticket and when it wasn’t automatically forthcoming, they were beside themselves with rage – because they were being told ‘no’.

Now the Olympics are taking place in Rio and in between then (’82) and now, there have been many many times reading the news when it became apparent that a trip to that famous City may not have been the most prestigious or fortunate option for the winners: and thats putting it kindly.

Who would think that swimming off those famous beaches for example was a big ‘not ok’ because of sharks!

Of course the Olympians should be well looked after, hope the supporters are too.

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