Politics, The 70s to 2016, what did we do to deserve this?

The media lookalike Mrs T, Rooseveldt (D.Cameron) and shades of Morse!
Our MP’s on ‘I’ while awful happenings   in the economy play out

What were you doing in the ‘1970s’ and intervening years?

Answers in collage please to the blog or twitter.

While we are distracted big things are whisked in through the ‘back door’

Hope a war isnt on the horizon it could be horrendous. There is a way to sove problems through dialogue and keep fiscal western economy tenets on track, not sure about command economies with no understanding of supply and demand, profit or even a mixed economy. Samuelson textbook with manufacturing economics seems simple by contrast.

The collage includes Greece in the 70s!

Hope the Tour de France is cool and our cyclists do well.


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