Referendum 2016

A referendum took place yesterday, with a question for the UK to stay in the European Union or not. It was essentially a pre-legislation opinion poll/referendum.

Someone – some organisation please take the Stock Markets around the world to task for potential financial blackmail on Democracy, where an opinion poll-referendum is part of the ordinary government of a country and a population is politically unaware of the machinations of financial markets.

It is not possible to instill economic theories prior to a referendum, people vote on their perceptions and to create an awareness to the extent that stock market crashes are imminent or a distinct possibility means a people would be afraid to speak out through their voting-opinion-poll-referendum system. Yesterday 28% of the electorate did not vote.

No population should suffer what is essentially undemocratic financial pressure from their own and other countries for a holding a democratic decision-opinion poll which has not yet been put through their home Country’s full legislation and Government process. OK the Government will work towards the decision made by the electorate but it hasn’t happened in full yet.

It is tantamount to blackmail that an astronomical cost to financial markets should be reported placing an unacceptable pressure on the people where the pre-legislative referendum-opinion poll is being held.

Is that what happened in the past in Germany when we are told in history lessons their people were having to use wheelbarrows full of cash to buy matches?

All kinds of factors have not been available in the media. Dreadful untruths and spin and patronising half truths and lack of information about possible immediate consequences make the pre-legislation referendum an unquantitative decision. Enormous Financial fallout is a disgraceful threat no civilised democracy should face. The worst being no mention the UK is already opted out of the Shengen Agreement.

If that is how flaky and volatile economic systems are, there is something seriously wrong.

This blog is not political but the possible further recriminations from what was essentially an assessment of public opinion in respect of being part of a larger union of likeminded countries are staggering.

The sense of finality of the referendum decision consequences before full parliamentary debate about how we might extricate ourselves with the least problems by further parliamentary voting with our democratically elected MPs representing communities in our UK Government process is just some kind of debasing of our Government (and buck passing difficult decisions to a less than acceptably informed electorate). It’s exactly what the electorate who wish to be out of the European Union are afraid of in the European Parliament.

Would people have voted the same way if they knew the financial cost in advance?

Who thought either £700,000,000 or $70,000,000 (depending on what you call a billion UK or USA style numbers) would be wiped off the stock markets around Europe? Did anyone advise that could be the case?

It is a huge responsibility and there are informed people who could have spoken out earlier with quantitative information.

In short there is something fundamentally wrong with the economic systems, or some tremendously unethical situation has been created.

Please tell me it’s not just about Football. Who’s paying for Euro16?

Are we negotiating now? Do we end up with a truly unrealistic system? Are the financial graphs just saying we’ve gone to the grassroots to decide? Are the numbers really that bad, why? If ‘Confidence’ is that shaky it shouldnt be a criteria.


This link is on the twitter:-

New twitter to keep up with potentially backward steps

Pre ww2 ‘interesting’ reading – not the same as the EU but part of our history – just old info.

Divorces can occur with 2 years legal separation and an option to stay married at the end of the two years- or divorce (someone tell the Euro Politicians)

War hasn’t been declared (that can happen in some circumstances but not a referendum!)

The people/electorate aren’t sure if the referendum is like:-

A Trade Union strike vote, meaning more negotiations.
An ordinary Election; ‘cept it’s a referendum (plebiscite, opinion poll)
No info was available about clear – crystal clear next steps
Perhaps it’s game playing aka the Media Circus!

If only we all had Sky or Freeview and not just terrestrial telly. There’s a big wide world out there with some very scary belief and political systems- much larger than the UK.

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