Nearly Summer, that means the longest day!!

The late Spring Bank Holiday/s should evolve into a set of three day weekends from May to June and then roll into the ‘Early Summer Bank Holiday Weekends’; which could be three days off work each week all the way until the middle of July!! Then of course we should add the late Summer Bank holiday weekends of three days each week again all the way to


the end of September.

Everyone would have to work a tad harder in the four days but it makes sense – same money more efficient etc etc…. Once upon a time (late 70’s) we were all predicting having the same wages/salary but shorter working weeks and more leisure time for the 21st Century.

If, however in 2016 you have had to work the Spring Bank Holiday last week and the previous May Day and will have to work the days other folks call ‘Bank Holidays’ in August and even Christmas and Easter, here’s hoping you have some time off too! It’s a long time since working a Bank Holiday Monday meant double time pay and a day off in lieu!!

Also here’s a thought: School Holidays should be called ‘at home week’s’ as very few people have six weeks away at a holiday resort and it’s confusing for kids at nursery or whose parents are at work to think they are ‘on holiday’. Not to mention the fact that it takes every day of two people’s annual holiday days of 25 days to cover the School Holiday weeks, that’s really unfair and not a sensible system for a modern country.

Perhaps we could call the extended Bank Holiday season, the ‘Drive for 32’ (Summer Hours) Scheme and then if we extended it around the year, (that’s a mega extra 43 days off) but worked an extra hour a day it wouldn’t be so far off. Some of us used to have flexitime and make up an extra 12 days holiday a year!

It even fits in with the hours the Office of National Statistics says the ‘Millenials’ (21st Century workers) are currently working in various formats.

Thinking positively: Isn’t Spring lovely!

Bring back the American GI tea dance tent please, thanks.

Enjoy Autokarna!


sad the App has taken half the colour from the pics!

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