Mother’s Day – Sunday!!

happy mothers day 2016

You can print the pic if you like …

Happy Mum’s Day

My Little mum isn’t here any more – I think she’s gardening somewhere with our lovely Dad, but as she was 91, that’s sort of cool … to any of her friends the Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea world was really awesome!!

I miss her playing Mozart.  In the link here, the pianist isn’t significant (should i apologise? its just a link)… I just couldn’t find a woman pianist who played like her …

It’s classical music – but that was my little mum’s awesome talent – as well as “They’ll be coming Round the Mountain” and “Little Brown Jug” and many many more for sing-along’s.  All the Aunts and Uncles and cousins could play mostly by ear- but little mum was a real pianist and read the most complicated music.  Some classical, some music from the shows … musicals …lovely on a sunny afternoon.  She sang lots too in the house doing flower arrangements with her friends for Church and Women’s group meetings.  The kitchen was often full of flowers and foliage and pots of flowers or huge arrangements being made.  If only varifocals had been cheap then maybe i would have played too – it’s just too tough when you can’t see the music and the keys !!!

So this is for the oldies ..or the music buffs!



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