Wollaton Park, ten minutes from Beeston Town Centre and the River Trent

On a quite dismal (ten minutes sun doesn’t count) winter day…

Definitely a super place, but it’s taking a long time to sort the old Plessey, GPT, Siemens Uk Telecoms buildings.

The River is quite High and the last pic is the Straws Bridge Reservoir – if I add one of Attenborough Nature Reserve today it will be an old photo (location: because that’s where the River Footpath goes, old pic as visits and photo’s were on hold with the tram works).  Time for a visit there but maybe it’s a good idea to wait for brighter weather … there are cool Shops, Pubs and Restaurants in Beeston (one hour free car parking) and along both the High Road (the Tram route and ordinary traffic now) and the Main Road towards Long Eaton.

Attenborough is just outside Beeston and there’s a cool Nottinghamshire Wildlife Visitor Centre and Shop plus Bird Hides to view the birds living on the Gravel Pits and the Trent.

The Swans fly in and out from Straws Bridge Reservoir so if its not such a good day they know where its sheltered.  The Canal at Erewash and Cossall are good haunts for finding wildlife too but Cossall is really cold when the weather takes a turn and you can often see the Canal frozen over.

Ilkeston has some good small town Shops too.

It was sad when Plessey Telecommunications went (later GPT and Siemens) altogether (14,000 worked there are one time) but some 100 years earlier the first Penny Farthing and basic Bicycles were built in Beeston by Humber Marriott and Cooper and that Company is long gone – and Jesse Boot had Boots Pure Drug Co which is still there, just celebrating the 80th birthday of the No 7 Cosmetics.

Beeston Boilers, Pork Farms and lots of other companies thrived in the 60s and 70s. World War 1 had the Ordinance Factory where the Canary Girls made the weapons. Chilwell barracks is still here but we definitely need some more Employers in Nottingham.

Its such a super location with the Motorway nearby and near the East Coast – and its halfway to most places with a local Airport … cool roads, the local house prices are not extortionate its a wonder why we aren’t attracting more large employers in. …

We did of course have DH Lawrence and the contentious novels banned for so long and now considered classics … the largest Council Estate in Europe at one time … the biggest Ten Pin Bowling Alley for years … and now the Broad Marsh Shopping Centre is being re-vamped (traffic disruption hopefully worth it)…

So much lovely countryside nearby with Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire Parks and villages … Country pubs … just cool (sadly no coastline or beaches) … just check the blog pages.



Testing out the ‘new’ (secondhand kk) Android while the original is mended, and finding my favourite Apps have changed lots for Tablet Pc’s…

Photo Grid, & Photo Editor.

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