Those Lovely Days of Summer

Looking back through the blog, we really have had some super Summer Days in the last few years!

Some of us even remember the last Half Century of lovely Summer’s or more and isn’t it awesome now today’s kids have a proper playground again: although in my day parents weren’t allowed in our space.

There is an Adventure Playgroup at Balloon Woods after School and in the holidays in the daytime and that’s brill’ too!

Bramcote Park is another Greenspace nearby with a traditional playground and Woods to walk with the Hemlock Stone just across the road and the Holocaust Remembrance Garden that’s a tad bleak this time of year; but hey kids need to be tired out to sleep well and Greenspace is good for us even if it’s rainy!!

The Coffee bars at the Garden Centres the Bramcote Lane shops and the Local Pub-Restaurants are welcoming.

Beeston is cool for shopping and there are Leisure Centres at Bramcote Beechdale and Harvey Haddon at Bilborough.

As well as the Park and their yummy cafe’s – there are other Notts County spaces about a half day trip: Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Pines, Sherwood Craft Centre, Clumber Park, Rufford Abbey and Thoresby.

Attenborough Nature Reserve – check the pages for links.


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