The Tour of Britain Cycle Race 2015 zooms past Wollaton on Friday 11th Sept!!

This of course means

a)  we have a Supa Supa Cycle Race

b)  the A52, Gregory Boulevard and Lenton Boulevard will be closed for a short while                 (2.30- 3.35 – advised on the City website – but check as info can change etc. etc.)

Gridlock Heaven – but its worth it!! Safe of course etc etc  kk

Here’s hoping the poorly riders from La Vuelta are better soon …

Nottingham – We were Cycle City!!!   (Raleigh and Sturmey Archer!!)

Local Info:-  (see our Cycle History in the Industrial Museum in Wollaton Park)

Hey we know about Cycles and Roads  – Triumph Road and Ilkeston was Gridlocked with THOUSANDS yes THOUSANDS of bicycles every morning and evening when Raleigh Industries was in it’s ‘Heyday’… and it really was THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE on BICYCLES GOING TO WORK AND HOME AGAIN …no kids not friendly family – just full on ‘out of my way’ bicycles – with people cycling to work to make more bicycles!

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