Why we need Fresh Air and Quality Lifestyles

Allergies and Stuff – the Annual Info Post!

Cool for all Children and Adults

A rural non chemical, organic food lifestyle can still result with some individuals living with Allergy or substances or food Intolerance management! eg Coeliacs where Gluten is a poison. Nuts or foods like Monosodium Glutamate, that cause Anaphylactic shock or Asthma. For these folk strict avoidance is the life preserving way – no excuses from Food Outlets, responsibility is key, ok.

Others with milder or annoying symptoms:-

A City lifestyle and increased food processing, school or workplace cleansing, industrial, retail or catering with everyday modern chemicals or just air quality can push our immune systems into freefall spin. For example Whey Protein is often a protein booster added in the sauces of processed food but lots of folk have an intolerance to it. Chemicals can be added to our favourite processed foods that have no food value just to facilitate moving those foods through processing machinery in factories!

Some Toxic chemicals in miniscule quantities can keep us safe – but overload can cause sympoms that might not be ‘allergies’ or ‘intolerances that are genuinely just allergies etc (such as those in hayfever caused by pollens), other types might be symptoms of poisoning – petrol, diesel, bleach, emissions, etc and they all stack up against our health.

If suffering – the less processed, chemical items we encounter – Access to good air quality once a day and rural spaces as often as possible could make a difference.

Its nice to breathe clean non toxic air and makes us feel brighter with more energy rather than reaching for Caffeine. Parks, Riversides, Country Escapes, the Seaside. Walking, running or cycling in clean air should be everyones right. (Even hay fever sufferers might find some relief from a no chemical just boiling water and soap cleaned home for example – less histamine more allergy fighting bodies – less reaction maybe and find outdoors less problematic).

We should be advised when everyday ingredients in food or other products change too eg Sunflower Oil went to Rapeseed Oil in lots of products without folk realising it – and its in so many processed foods if you cant tolerate eating it, thats a huge change.

Of course lots of Older folk lived with Coal smoke and changing that smog was cool, but now we need two utilities for keeping warm with Central Heating, both Gas and Electricity and its made our living spaces as dry as the Sahara apparently.

These links might explain and help. There are lots of dodgy or other country info websites and these aren’t necessarily the best but they might be worth a read.

Info Links:-




The Workplace


Chlorine in particular- healthy water is important but its also a substance covered by COSHH.


Water Companies add Chlorine on an ad hoc basis according to water quality – the warmer the more Cl. Try low Cl bottled water (most are higher than tap water) fruit juice, milk and see if hydrating can be achieved with less of these chemicals – it might make a difference. (we dont want them removing as they keep illness out of waste water).

Boiling fruit or veg in tap water for 20mins and then chilling apparently can make Cl free drinks. Just boiling concentrates cl.

Anythings worth a try to keep allergy or intolerance symptoms away.

Coshh = The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health.


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