3 May: Napoleonic Event : Wollaton Park


Last Year’s Re-enactment was a fun day!

The weather isn’t often really warm until the Late Spring Bank Holiday (old style Whitsuntide!) so plan for layers!

Google Search Result links Nottinghamshire Regiments and Napoleonic Wars


Internet Info often needs Verifying, Regiment websites will be accurate, books in the Library, Ancestry records etc. Lots of families lost Precious family members.


Pers note- unhappy my French car diagnostic code from a posh garage = the same number as a Nottm Regiment of Foot, is it a kind of data co-incidence, foreign built in obselescence unfunny joke, typo? Pure Co-incidence? Just is. Will resolve shortly. Is it Programmed into every Right-hand drive? NB from a Cavalry family if so!

Check the new Top10 by Bus page on the menu!

For Googlers

Update media please, a war isnt really happening in the Park – Cars are used to travel to work in the UK and for family transport.
Satellite info Lat, Long 52N57 01W10

Lateral thought …

Wonder if there will ever be Rave Re-enactments (ask the ex Ford workers maybe?) Once every car has an IP address – presumably our future will evolve ‘naturally’ spose according to shades of Green and retailing patterns.


#Transition isn’t extreme – yet.

There are Annual Car park tickets at the Courtyard Shop, not sure if they include all events – it probably depends on the agreement with the Event Organisers.

Traffic Wardens do ticket cars with no car parking payment!

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