So many Awesome places to visit

Just keep those Day Trips going, there are lots of Reasonably priced even Free ones – or where late afternoon free car parking is available now the days are lighter again. There are Estate Parks all around the County for example Clumber Park and Rufford Abbey and Rufford Mill and its possible to have the last hour sometimes without the whole afternoon car park fee. There are lots of free City parks too if you are with the Sporty crowd following as a supporter, in all the UK Cities with Museums and attractions too so its not all shopping!

For ideas on places to visit locally for the Easter holidays or to plan ahead or think and dream of weekends around the year, check the Twitter link as well as these page links.

There are lots of helpful lists on the Twitter account to save lots of searching including Entertainment, Sport and a even a separate Travel info list with accounts like NCT Nottm bus live updates and queries and motorway and weather plus train and air travel twitters.

There’s a Photography and Arts list (including local Theatres), a Coffee Cup list with links to read in the Cafe with a super Latte or Cappaccino and lots of others even a local list with some restaurants and pubs (its evolving) and the local councillors (sorry about politics -its impartial info with all the parties twitters added and there is an election pending!)-

A twitter list is a collection of twitter accounts in one place where  you can see each accounts latest tweets.  These lists can be copied from one persons twitter account to another and they are a really useful way of categorising information.


it’s also on the blog Sidebar.

See the Facebook link too with so many beautiful and awesome ordinary people’s shared photo’s and places info and also some professional photos from all around the UK – there are lots of Eclipse photos too that people want to share from Friday 20th’s Eclipse. Topical info is added often and there are some competitions and lots of local places to visit with their latest Facebook offerings!

There is  an official Wollaton Park Facebook too – the link is on the sidebar as well. It’s run by the Park staff!

Please also remember that the Courtyard shop sells Annual Car Park tickets for Wollaton Park so you can nip in the park whenever and call in the super cafe or pop to the playground with the kids, or to play footie etc. Maybe bring all the family including grandparents or even just on the way home from the shops!

Isn’t it lovely it’s Spring again!! – Just love the Seasons all around the Year, but so very pleased the daylight is longer and biting cold has gone although its still frosty at night. Loved Woolly Jumpers and layers are still cool ditto Coats and Hats – its the First Day of Spring not Sunmer yet!

Yea!! Have Outdoor Fun!




Just a couple of thought patterns for a dull first day of Spring! They may bore you. soz …

Most Oxbridge folks don’t understand Family life having been boarders most of theirs – my nickname for them: Harry P, Cobweb brains. Business folk however, quite a lot of them, do understand Family Life, but at the top of the ‘tree’ aren’t too keen always to pay enough in salaries and wages to let us ordinary (not independent means financially folk who need to work either Salaried or Wages or waiting for work to return folk) enjoy our Family life with days and weekends together (Jealousy from HP folks and quest for ever better accounting the rest). Yet the UK Tourism industry is huge and relies on some of our leisure money.

There was a Work Life Balance concept at one point in time when the world was kind of ‘looking after workers’ with ‘net economic welfare’, thats Profit created by Business and some taxes used to pay for rainy days and start ups and of course Health and Education, people waiting for Employers to turn up again.

This is our UK world, not the strange USA no mixed economy world no taxation world where there is no ‘help’.

Whoever gets the vote this time needs to remember that we aren’t Harvard but UK Numeric and we mostly like Education to post 16 and beyond, we the majority, like to be Healthy and have a Work Life Balance where we pay our way and pay into a system over time early or later in life via National Insurance and Taxation (and occupational pensions) with our Employers for a Safety Net as we aren’t all top of the heap or financially capable of living without paid work. In the UK we can have a system that is based on humanity principles that can be afforded and business can recover because we are team UK and we are awesome !

No voodooing people into inhumanity in a Country that can recover, ok:- support folks. None of this of re-writing history and forgetting each Govt’s failings or clangers. No excuses for pretending one sector doesn’t support the rest or that the rest of the world’s economy or class system with  ‘tougher less civilised’ concepts are good. It’s their Academics we fear not the Carrot pickers (thanks to the Carrot pickers – we like carrots and vitamin A) or factory workers who we can work with – its those people with independent means with lifestyles with pre-second world war class divisions or non mixed economy thinking that are particularly scary when invited on ‘think tanks’ etc.

We want a simple list – More Business.  More well paid work.  More taxes, no squabbling over public sector funds. A family orientated world with a safety net – not too punitive when success happens – Simple. Government and local Councils and Businesses find more Business and the ordinary folk do the various kinds of work to make it a success.

Plus Lower utility costs – more work etc

And lots of Days out and folk working in Leisure and Tourism!!

Comment 2.

Health issues aside in the past a Nottingham Company paid £1M per day to the Govt Customs and Excise for 24 hour 7 day week every day working in the 70’s and beyond in taxation to be allowed to move the tobacco drying in the Bond Warehouses on Ilkeston Rd to the Factory – thats £345M per year including Factory Fortnight, year in year out (and families lived with coal and later coke hearth fires).

As a City with an International Company (Companies) we have more than paid our way. We are not claiming back in benefits or grants or funding or taxes any more than Nottingham and it’s company’s have paid in. Wise Investment should have been made for N.Sea Oil and Gas etc etc too for the future which is now. Incidentally we also invented Telecoms Components to create Fibre Optic Cable Telecommunications – a system which allows the City Exchange land lines with voice and data landlines (internet) combined and all kinds of things to work.

As a City and a County we are pretty awesome and as long as the Education continues – we will continue to be so, just provide the means and the Team Nottm-Notts will respond.

Just Remembering!

And now lets also remember how to have an affordable Treat, Day, Weekend or Holiday and enjoy life. Please dont go too far with means testing Families unless they have independent means as the bottom rungs are now far too scary. Safety Nets are important to be a Civilised Community with a Civilised Govt. Please read the various Political Party manifestos – policies and don’t rely on the personalities.

Fun Days are important in life whatever kind they are in money terms, its not possible to rewind childrens childhood. Choose wisely.

Have a Fun 2015! Despite politics.

If this was a Citizenship or a PSHE lesson one kid would now have their hand up or be shouting out – “Which one’s Wisely Miss?”

See the Telecoms Transmission Info

Apologies for mentioning an industry that affects health but the figures are considerable and people did not know the ill effects when their

lives were surrounded by coal smoke.

The Industrial Museum in the Courtyard has a couple of small exhibits and info on local Companies

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