Wintery River

Beyond the City and Suburbs and the well ordered Park, even beyond the River Marina’s beyond ‘Civilisation’ (with piped centrally heated homes) travelling all of 5-7 miles, there’s another world …

The Mystical River on a Winter dismal afternoon or ‘Spooky nearly in Flood’!  Beyond meandering: determined and swollen at the limit of the Ofer – (an old word for Bank or Shore!)

We the subjects, are liable to be called out in better months ‘Shingling’ – thats clearing the banks and possibly finding building material while we work!  It’s an old By-law and was enforceable by the ‘Wardens’


Check the Facebook link on the Sidebar for ‘Around the UK Winter photo shares and info!

There are, of course, lots of lovely Pubs, Restaurants and Tea Rooms and Garden Centres with Cafes in the County villages and along the River – Even Museums and County Towns with super shops etc Southwell, Newark, Ruddington, and more in other Counties the River flows through!

They just aren’t in the Photo’s!

see the River Trent page on this blog and Villages on:-

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