Winter 2014

Breezy Autumn rolled into Christmas with blue skies and balmy air, warm evenings and bright daylight! Christmas was a breeze, sunshiny days shopping and not too cold.

Santa came hopefully and left something even if was just a cheerful day and a lovely dinner. The homeless broke their hearts maybe and most of us fervently wished they had found a roof and warmth and some cheer. The workers and their families broke their hearts too, at not being together or not having time or energy to care and put loved ones first!!

We were just coming to terms with the reality it was over for another year: the stress of aiming for the impossibly perfect day (it can’t ever be because it’s ‘expected’ of us) and the cooking or restaurant challenge was over and we were breathing easy again looking forward to a chilled out week!


It was chilled out right enough – snow clouds, a complete ‘dump’ of snow in fact – that lovely chilled out almost self righteous feeling – ‘we have survived another material Christmas‘ feeling went (all Religious guilt had kept in check with Carols and maybe Midnight Service) now guilt of why didn’t we think, expect it; be aware; have an inkling; turned up as we gazed out of the window at the whiteout!  An icy finger of fear turned up – how long would it last, how disruptive will it be, and for those stuck on our first snowy evening – how did it all sneak up so completely and quietly!!

Haha the French Alps totally stole the show with 1500 cars stuck in gridlock waiting to get to the ski resorts (still being resolved)!

Sense returned, its sledging weather! The park as usual became a focus of snowy cameo style activity, and picturesque with our gentle snow and chocolate box scenes!

As a child it apparently snowed just twice, and lately almost every year. The coal smoke smog has gone so the snow stays white instead of grey and the air is more or less healthy. Most of us arrive with a car with the kids and sledge – memories are of my brother and his friends and walking to the park and finding the little slopes near their school – they either daren’t let me sledge down the big hill or didn’t want to keep climbing back to the top with a little kid.  Only they know which!! It just wasn’t quite the thrill that was wanted but feeling cherished (haha who’s kidding who) almost turned up! Gentlemen … almost, for they had achieved boy scout and long trouser status!

Memories are so cool (big sis who is now smaller than me also condescended to take me sledging, just the once) it’s so sad it just didn’t snow in Nottingham back then, every year!

Aah Lovely – and now neither of us or our respective families are kids any more everyone is grownup, adult (some of their grandkids want to sledge of course) – but we dont have to sledge or stand waiting patiently freezing while our kids have fun deciding if we can risk a broken arm or leg or a raging cold and set about sledging ourselves!!! It’s almost ‘passe’  but the magic really is still there!!

So pleased we aren’t a skiing clan!


The local transport of course went into freefall spin chaos for a while, (check the twitter and facebook for some pics – instagram is a mega huge app to have on an android so thats missing!) and theres still dangerous ice on the roads!  Roll on New Year!!

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