Wollaton Hall Tudor Christmas Market!

One Market’s the 6th (soz late for that one, its this Saturday) and one’s the December Steaming and Market on 14th!

Lets face it, the Tudor Willoughby’s or De Bugges just wouldn’t have let us through the gates – and although the Hall wasn’t built until Elizabeth I time there was a large estate here. The big Hall was built and finished in time for the days of the Spanish Armada in 1588:- a totally bad time to be in England with Religious wars and terrible sanctions – the ordinary people were just getting over the worst of it all in Elizabeth I’s reign.

There may have been a Wollaton Yule-Christmas Market on the land by Martins Pond which dates back to the Normans and Lenton Priory and their Granges, or in the village! It wouldn’t have had the retro Victorian Christmas tree and present giving we are all so used to, but may have had a super feast, games, lots of merrymaking and of course lots of going to Church!


Tudor Market December 6th
The Steaming is December 14th


Lots of stalls with original potential presents (yes we all want to keep lovely things for ourselves!) and yummy food on sale – yes half outdoors, yes the Cafe is open, yes there are pubs nearby, yes there are car parking charges but its not too much!

kk Super Festie Fun.


Super Park!

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