Clocks go back at the Weekend!



Safe and sound, wear something light when the evenings draw in – motorists look twice etc etc … … Lovely Safe Autumn!  Hopefully no more hurricane tail end warnings … remember 1987?

It was so hectic travelling back from Luton that night in ’87, there were 19 juggernaut’s blown over – some as the car slowly drove past them trying to drive in a straight line.

There were so many trees across the UK that blew down, be careful when its really windy try not to walk under trees.

Only two storms were worse than ’87 personally, one was on a boat at night in the Aegean Sea going back to Corfu – very hectic and the other was also on a boat, a Caledonian McBane ferry between Harris and Skye because the Stornaway to Ullapool ferry couldn’t set out!  The seas were huge with lightning on both ocassions.

There are some Sea and Coast pics from last weekend, (it really was quite a storm around the coast) on the Facebook pages; a link is on the sidebar.

On a brighter note, there are several bus stops right outside the Park entrances (even where there is Car access or exits there are walk-in gates) and as well as the Super Cafe there are local restaurant-pubs and Mr Manns Chinese Restaurant and the chippy nearby. The village and library are the next stop on from the park.

No need to be thirsty, hungry or without a warm reading space after a healthy constitutional!

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