Lunar Eclipse 8th October – lucky for lots…

There is a total lunar eclipse on the 8th October

(nothing dodgy is going to happen it’s just the movement of the Sun Earth and Moon! In fact its likely to be lucky for some if you are superstitious – and in Astronomy terms it has the Sun conjunct or close to Venus too).

For the Superstitious

If you like Astrology and believe there is some connection with what happens in Astronomy – (Sometimes people think the Science and the Entertainment pseudo-science are connected and there is some predictive or event causing link between the two) – see  (coming soon as a pic clickthrough on the sidebar)

Astrology (not ASTRONOMY) its an entertaining and funny look at the old fashioned pre-science world that people still like to refer to occasionally just especially for fun and maybe party style self enlightenment – with lots of exceptions as its really not a science!  Please don’t ever use your Astrology chart to live your life by – the tables where the planets are located can be used to navigate with space stuff (we think) and the Eclipse does kind of give evidence the tables are correct but it doesn’t necessarily relate to individuals!!  This means you shouldn’t check your horroscope every day – just sometimes for fun!

We won’t see the Eclipse from the UK but folks in America will be able to if it’s not cloudy (so no going buying a plane tickets to head off to America to take photos !!)

Check the Stary Skies page for more info and a brill twitter link for more Astronomy info!


Astronomy Definition (Oxford Dictionary)

The branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.

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