Lovely Fall

Well Autumn but the trees here just aren’t behaving … Still green!

The carparking machines have been mashed and consequently there is a civil person taking the carparking pennies with a box office too – just by the new kiddies park.

There is something wrong with people mashing metal to obtain the carpark money resulting in the kids park being watched so to speak.

Maybe those on high need to do the decent thing and let folks have a carboot sale occassionally – balance the boots-tables so to speak!!  So the money for the carpark is recuperable and not a permanent outgoing? Just an idea – fair and reasonable!

The infra red cameras are on for the deer of course.

Hopefully the footie teams have found the footie pitches towards the Bluecoat secondary school – they always used to play there before using the space the new kids’ park is on now. When I was a kiddywink we used to run up and down the sideline and it wasn’t clear why the Saturday and Sunday stopped playing there – something to do with the pitches and goalposts belonging to Glenn Bott school … (hopefully they are back there unless they have been allocated a different space).

The Fall of course is an American word for Autumn. Kids please play safely – like learn lots balance etc.

Thanks to the car park attendant hope its not an all day snowy winter job – body parts toes hands shouldnt freeze! Chestnut sales with a brazier too??

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