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A while back the idea of a WollatonParkFolk Flickr came along but it seems written permission is needed before photo’s of people are added, to be ok with the local community policies – which is a good sensible idea. However it is possible to sign a doc on an Android phone or even add Foursquare or Instagram or Twitter links with pics so maybe after all this time we could make a page gallery of folks visiting the Park! Or a Flickr just for people pics. As the internet isn’t local we don’t want people’s faces sent all around the world!

Maybe we could have a gallery for different events or any place there’s been blog post like the other Parks and places to visit on the menu pages. In years to come we could laugh at fashions!

It has to be said, as people pics are few and far between on the blog and just in case you think there’s no-one visiting the Park and these lovely places and spaces are not popular – when the opposite is true and crowds turn up for events and theres a regular stream of people who use the park.

Don’t forget its possible to buy an annual car park ticket from the courtyard shop!

Meanwhile back to photo galleries here’s the Nottm Flickr associated with the blog and indeed there’s a Nottingham Photography Flickr group. There are other photo sharing sites shown on the Photo Album page.

The Flickr Gallery below isn’t the most sophisticated (and the Tree video isn’t a tree growing timescape, but a Squirrel running up a tree!) it does however capture something of the Spirit of the City.

All pics are taken by the blog author. You too can make a Flickr album and connect with groups.


Just click the link Dilytink2011 below to view the videos. The photos and vids are copyright, please email or comment if you wish to share any, info has to be public for it to be viewed.

Theres a Armed Forces day Dakota fly over vid (filmed by the blog author and ok’d to share ref RAF Cosford as they organised the flight) One of the Queen visiting and a couple of good nature vids, one the Red Deer the other a close up of a Squirrel.

Data time is precious and although the local library has free wifi that means giving passwords up so the Gallery doesnt have as many pics as it could have.

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