Nottingham On Trent

Super hangout Beach Space for the Summer …thanks folks!



Having missed the best of the Super Sunshiny Days, there was some space to chill out on a deckchair on ‘Beach for the people’! 

Some days I remember hanging out in the Square for a while on a bright summer day aeons ago, or cruising around the City in my lunch hour or even being ‘dragged’ around Town by my mum as a child in the 60s!

My Grannie worked on the corner of King-Queen Street as a hat maker as a young woman in the 1890s! (Yes really my Grannie).  She loved the Seaside and she took off with all her children (6 of them) to a boarding house with her sisters and their kids too for the whole summer! There were lots of stories of buying their own groceries and taking over the boarding house kitchen (they filled the whole place) and going to shows both at Skeggie on the East Coast, Margate and Blackpool – and they left their husbands at home for weeks! The ‘lads’ turned up for the Bank Holiday weekend and brought their womenfolk and kids home again – the wives paid for it themselves with money they earned before they married.  She would be really happy there was a Town Beach in the City Centre so every kid could make a sandcastle!

Next idea – free excursion buses to Skeg from the City Centre each day?

The concept could be to go to the Town (City) Beach everyday for a week and collect a stamp to ensure a one day coach trip family place and see the real Seaside? Or visit five City attractions including the Beach for the same trip. Who could sponsor it? 

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