Rembering WWI

Europe is Remembering WWI.

Hoping it never happens again.


The world was different then, life expectancy was much lower(we only have antibiotics since 45ish and a National Health Service from 1947). Factories were pretty dreadful and a Framework Knitter had to sit in his metre square frame for 12 hours and  both types of fellas had to work and not worry if the men around them had TB, Pneumonia or Typhoid or Dysentry – illness was much more prevalent particularly in the poorer city areas lots died from the cold in the Winters because wages and accomodation was dire.

These fellas (and the lassies at Chilwell ordinance making munitions in the factory that blew up!) were brave and have families extended or otherwise who have remembered them all through the years. Some didn’t have anyone to tell stories about them.

Ancestry online has military records but needs a membership subscription for interested people to find out things like Regiment or Vessel and whether the individual was killed or survived (they do try to take the annual amount in one payment please take care).

Some relatives like my Great Uncle Harry Thomas didnt believe in killing and were Red Cross Orderlies – he died after the war from the after effects of Mustard Gas.

You may have stories and know of family graves and where War Memorials are with the names of relatives: take some flowers!  The Castle has a project where stories may be useful.

Light a candle carefully in a glass or saucer of water between 10 & 11 in rememberence this evening with lots of people around the land or in a church or at a memorial whenever – be very very careful with any candles at home!

The Centenary will be continuing presumably with lots of stories collected.

Interested in Nottm History and WWI history – there are books in the library.

Apol for mentioning diseases we hope are basically eradicated or in a different context with modern heath systems thanks to the NHS and co’s like Boots.

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