Phew Tidied & Cycles!!

All tidied up


& are these cycles always going to be available on the Park as that seems a good idea! If someone should have taken them back, a contact form has been filled in – if they are staff transport: soz!

And we have a Table Tennis table in the courtyard near the shop!

All we need now is some 4legged horses (not as large as the Police Horses used to be when the Stables were really Stables and we kids took Apples for them) just nice ones and small ones for kids that are really good natured. Maybe a new stables could be made in the old kitchen gardens for them during the day time!! Obviously it wouldn’t be practical all week.

Remember the 70s Nottingham Festie with record breaking horse jumping from the Horse Riding Sporty folk – we ordinary folk wouldn’t need jumps just the ability to walk a 4legged and put a saddle and bridle on – to find out about the things the Countryside folk take for granted. Even a riding school turning up with a few dependable rides one Sunday (maybe a quieter Monday) a month would be cool! There are local riding stables so it wouldn’t be too difficult a concept!


The cycles may be lost and found – presumably they go with the Table Tennis and Summer ideas.

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