Getting back to normal, loving the return to peace with not so many people around late evening (like none – supa wow!)  and the sense of lots of breathing green space back with the beautiful gardens, parkland, majestic trees the lake and the noisy fun people packed events like Splendour all finished. All the happy tired folk home and smiling (maybe with headaches it was really loud as festies should be).

The contrasts of the weather and the seasons, light and dark days: bright breezy warmth and soft rain or magic thunderstorms. Especially the evening soft warm wind just above ground level lazily blowing, gently wafting the warm summer air around, dreaming of an almost midnight sunset and not wanting to give the day up.

Thinking of the drawing in of the days towards autumn or at least harvest time, apples on trees and berries on bushes – strawberry and raspberry feasts to come – and of course practically thinking there’s a whole six weeks school summer holiday to enjoy now and if the sunshine keeps up, lots of picnic teas maybe a few gallons of iced tea or coffee and ice cream too.

The rainstorms of course keep the place refreshed and tip of the day – the deer dont hang out on the hill slopes much! They of course could do with lots of water troughs all around the park in the heatwaves but they can’t trust the humans with them (thats the park rangers not the deer!) and thats pretty much out of order. Its a long walk to the lake for a drink and the grass gets dry sure they have four legs but all the same they deserve fresh water all over the park.

The woods and trees make super shade and its like sitting on a beach or in the countryside if you close your eyes and dream a little. 

That reminds me – can Jackies ice cream van come back in the top car park as well as the new one by the kids playground please! I can’t get my ice cream 99 from the kids playpark to the gardens without it melting! Theres room for both vans and folk would spend at both and the cafe! Ta!


Now whats the next event …

Theres too many sad things happening in the big wide world – check the charities list on the twitter – click through on the sidebar and sometimes send the price of a coffee or ice to a charity of your choice lots of them accept text message donations. Dont send too much – if everyone remembers now and again and sends a little they could double their appeals. Not unpleasant uncaring folk but lots local people of consience

‘Deep down there was a little something out of tune …C Jung’

… ‘but hey thats their way maybe … W Park’

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