That was Splendour Festival

Thunderstorms, Sunshine, Music and lots of happy people (once the rain stopped) – check the twitter links on #Splendourfest and the wollaton_nottm twitter on the sidebar for lots of pics & info!

please respect this #link and go to the individual twitter accounts and follow with your own twitter acc – all you need is an email if you dont already have one, thx


Have a look at the organisers Splendour website too, to find their links click the sidebar Tumblr website pic:-  both their website and facebook are always there.

The Park was still open even if you weren’t a paying festie go’er, of course the old Heineken Festivals were free in the 90’s and in the 1970s the Nottingham Festival was held on the park till it went to the Square. Presumably no-one plays events for free or charities anymore so there has to be a ticket price and it does limit numbers.

We even had the Nottingham Jazz and Blues Festivals in the 60s and they were on the Notts County Footie ground. (Their lineups and info are on an archive rock festival website plus there’s another website with all the Boat Club and Brit Club gigs over the years. Maybe its a cool idea to add those links soon for the ‘oldies’ who like to float back in time).

Crumbly rockers, and crumbly punk rockers are quite funny in 2014 but they do know their stuff!

Reviews will all be on Left Lion and Notts tv etc for all the music and comedy – you will find their links through their individual twitters just check the hashtag #Splendourfest to find them.(Twitter is truly awsome for event info).

If Splendour happens on a fine day its fun to just wander and picnic and listen from any angle even behind the stages, and although its small by mega festie standards there are lots of other events just like ours all around the UK. All kinds of genres, even book festies happen every year, checkout the Festival Calendar it’s on the blog-Facebook link, also on the sidebar! The Facebook is updated often with lots of interesting info on places to visit and local reviews and event links.

When we have really sunshiny heatwave Splendour days (sure there was one, was it last year?) we all think ‘should have bought a ticket like the 13k others’, but then we remember the Pogues and Madness washout and it becomes a dilema!

Carparking is a hassle for an event day especially if you have a Wollaton Park annual ticket and turn up most days for some exercise, a coffee or whatever; (the small print excludes some events – these annual car parking tickets can be purchased from the courtyard shop) but its only big special events when plan c is needed ie bus, walk, or maybe join the car conga and pay again …

The glass in the Orangery is a bit of a worry, but as there aren’t any high pitched women singing it’s probably ok.

History note:-
There’s been shows on Wollaton Park going back to the 1880’s mostly the Royal Agricultural Show

Thanks Lenton times, the ok for links was a while ago!

Big thanks to all the organisers!

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