Splendour Festival, Wollaton Park Nottingham Sat 19th July

Splendour is on Saturday!! Hope the day’s lovely and sunshiny, don’t forget to bring cash for the fairground rides and the food, merch etc. There’s no bbq’s allowed or popup tents jus lots lovely peops!!


The sidebar has a tumblr (a kind of blog) with the links to the Splendour website and facebook for all the info!

Condolences for Sir Bob Geldof who we believe will be here with The Boomtown Rats, for the truly unbelievable sadness earlier in the year – and big thanks for the super days of the Feed the World Band Aid and Live Aid concerts with Midge Ure OBE (of Ultravox at the time), in 1984 and 1985!




If you can remember 1984-5:- then can you remember exactly where were you were all day, when these (across continents!) concerts were playing? Did you watch tv all day long?!! Were you in the local across the road, in the Rodney, Wheelhouse, Willoughby (the Wollaton pub and Kitchen now) and Hemlockstone or Priory or maybe even the Balloon or Gondola ? Or even the Jolly Higglers?! Did we have television’s in pubs then??

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