The River Trent Looking Towards Clifton

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The Big Wheel Cycle Website – there are cycle routes all around Nottingham check the website.


History and Geography links between France and England … linking to Nottingham;_ylt=A2KLj9MgkLpTJFAAMx1NBQx.;_ylu=X3oDMTBsZ29xY3ZzBHNlYwNzZWFyY2gEc2xrA2J1dHRvbg–?p=dordoigne&fr=mcafee&fr2=sb-top&ei=utf-8&n=60&x=wrt&y=Search

It’s possible to cycle along the River Trent from Beeston all the way into Nottingham and you can see Clifton Hall on the other side of the River,  it’s almost like being in the Dordoigne region of France and before the City was important all the River Banks would have been covered in trees.  There is a small path on the opposite bank which is also like an old riverside road that is interesting for a walk from the Clifton Woods (see the Nottinghamshire Wildlife website info for the nature en route).

The Dordoigne area of France has a connection to English History as it is part of Aquitaine and Eleanor of Aquitaine was our Queen around 1122 -1204 and while Richard I (the Lionheart) was away and the legend of Robin Hood came about – and while the outlaws in Sherwood Forest  were making the Rich afraid of them and the Poor love them and the Major Oak was only a sapling!

You can read the wiki info and piece together what happened after the Norman Conquest and later particularly with Nottingham Castle – and see how both regions had some similarities and how the links with the French went on and on particularly in the Nottingham Castle with naughty Queen Isabella in 1308 (Eleanor was earlier).  The British History links are much more involved and harder to read but the information is really interesting if you like history!  Its alot to read and fathom – there are some resources from telly programmes and online teaching resources but essentially if you follow the history of Nottingham Castle – that’s it all in a nutshell!

At Clifton Hall, there are Norman arches in the cellars of the house, (which was a School for a period of time but is now private) so the people who lived there were connected with those Norman days. It is possible to visit the Church of St Mary’s at Clifton.

Further along the cycle path along the River into the City the path goes past Lenton and see the Lenton Priory Church of St Nicholas.

The history archive shows Lenton Priory starting at around 1115.    British History Archive   Notts History Website

However  there is one  British Archive record  that does say the church belonging to the College of Clifton, was St Mary’s – and the Church in the village of Clifton is St Marys. Of course this may relate to the Clifton near Bristol but its cool to think the huge Lenton Priory may have extended all the way from where the Erewash feeds into the River past the Leen and its discharge into the River Trent, like boundaries.

The family information from the British Archive on Clifton and the Clifton family and its beginnings is:-

Wiki info …

Obviously the Clifton family house was on a strategic point of the River and the original building was probably built around the same time.

In the days of Robin Hood and Roger de Mortimer, we had another French Queen  – and whats more Gervase De Clifton probably was the wicked Sherrif of Nottingham!

Presumably he rowed along the River from Clifton to Nottingham Castle or rode on horseback!!

That’s our Nottinghamshire, Nottingham Castle, Clifton Hall and the River Trent links with France Queen Eleanor and Queen Isabella sorted …

Just think – all that info has been found because of  one pic on a twitter of Fountains Abbey and a wish to link our County in with the current trends!!


Le Tour is on the internet with all the routes …




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