So Awsome Rob Cross Nature Photographer link

This super photographer had a twitter link on the beeb twitter account with the most amazing picture of a Kingfisher – so I emailed a request asking him to allow a link on the Wolly Park Blog as his photographs are so stunningly awesome!  Very kindly the reply said it was ok to add a link to my blog.

My own Android pics are ok for an ordinary amateur and the blog is aimed at making everything with an android smartphone – but occasionally it is useful to see just how amazing photography can be with the right equipment and expertise.

I am hoping these pictures will be an inspiration to students taking photography, and those photographers out there striving for the best photos!

Many Thanks to Rob Cross

The link is also on the ‘Nature Stuff page’!  that’s a trendy way of describing my nature links!

I should say that the website for Rob  Cross is also a really professional site and worth a look

This gives two links for the budding photographers at our Schools and Colleges to emulate – photography and website building!  A Truly lovely Online Album.

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