Just in Case

Just in case Our Alvin was Paul eHogan too – lateral thinking….

Because there’s an Aussie court case with the value of our Park held in Switzerland(wiki world info)

Because of Copyright

Because the Army have been given the Freedom of the City – and that’s a big deal!

Because they marched through our City

Because they were kids once … with boys comics …

Because the 508th were here … for real

Because ‘we’ used to pay lots of Ciggi-bacci money to the  USA and to our Govt in taxation …

Because they made a snippet of a film here so it’s a ‘location’? …

Because a ‘Batman’ was an RAF guy who brought planes in.

Because of the winter Olympics and Putin and 5M

Because we oldies loved lots … and remember playing and days of fun

Because we loved and understood Freedom

Because Electric Guitar lives on

Because ‘the’y are still playing!!

Because we might be planning a bigger better two centre two weekend Splendour

(please) Hopeful – Holme Pierrepont!

Because the girls get left behind!

Just Because!

Its Winter and there’s no Snow!

getting there2

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