Freedom of the City

Freedom of the City

Over 200 soldiers took part in a Freedom of the City parade in Nottingham city centre on 20 January 2014 to honour soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

The Parade, was by the 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery and E Battery Royal Horse Artillery,  and they marched from St Mary’s Church in the Lace Market to the Old Market Square  for the presentation of their medals.

The Parade  included 22 very important horses and two gun carriages from The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and the band of the Kings Division.  A gun salute was fired from Nottingham Castle to signal the start and conclusion of the parade. The soldiers, returning from Afghanistan were presented with their medals in the Old Market Square and were invited to a private ceremony in the Council House with their families and military personnel.

E Battery Royal Horse Artillery,  recruits its soldiers from Nottinghamshire and has an importance as one of the only surviving units to have fought in the First World War, it was in fact the Battery which fired the first shot in aggression that signalled the start of the fighting!!   A First World War gun, identical to that which fired the first shot, has also been paraded as part of the event.


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An earlier memorial;EQUALS;NTGM002859&pos=2&action=zoom

First World War Memorial Info


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As a child I was advised by my uncle Captain Frank Barnett born around 1900 (apologies for not knowing his Regiment) that the horses were infinitely more important to the Army than the Soldiers – and that the hooves had to be collected and accounted for in most situations !  Obviously this may be the perception of the Military and not the families!


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