Duck time!

Sometimes, it would be fun to be a duck!



The River Tottle (that’s only a stream really) leaves the Lake just here and goes off under the A52, through the Lenton Park and off to fill the University Lake.  It then goes off to the entertainment park and industrial estate (on the way to Clifton Bridge) where it’s culverted again near the Showcase Cinema and then flows into the River Trent.

It starts on Bramcote Moor, and runs through culverts to the Hemlockstone Pub on Bramcote Lane where you can see it – and there’s a pretty view of it just opposite the pub.  It flows into the Wollaton Park artificial man-made lake from a stream inlet just where everyone feeds the ducks near the small bridge a little further round towards the path to the Hall.

It sneaks everywhere and one part of it flows through Harrisons Plantation and fills Martins Pond and the Raleigh Pond and it flows under the park and even rises as a separate stream near the wood by the Harrow Rd park entrance – which is always marshy, in fact alot of the park is marshy and it only takes a little rain to make pools in amongst the trees.  There are records that say in the 1400s the Strelly Grey family and the Willoughby’s had an argument over the first Slough (probably a type of culvert) that altered the water courses – including the River Leen thats culverted just by the big park gates on Derby Road. Presumably the hill by the Church from the village was a Dumble at one time (thats a steep sided stream or brook water course).

The Ducks can just follow the little river and fly over the culverted parts and find the lakes and have fun, they aren’t worried about anything but their next meal – presumably their ancestors have been around the Trent and it’s tributaries for hundreds of years!

Its not so cool on University Boulevard for the tram engineers and builders who have to keep the new tram track dry and re-divert the Tottle Brook (it’s officially called a Brook!).

And then on to the next lake!!

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