Catching the last of the Sunshine

Sometimes there’s magic afoot and we just don’t know it. Do we tell the kids that the fairies and elves paint the leaves for example – or stick to plain facts? Imagination or reporting some kind of factual info we can’t prove is a choice thing and some kids know they are good at facts, some love make believe: but just exactly how small are Faries and Elves and Tree Dryads? Could  they be the bosun higson particles wafting through our ‘reality’ Maybe the old auld world just knew something we have been trained away from? Would we know if the particles or the Fairies Elves and Tree Dryads were around or not? Perhaps we could be too busy believing we know when we don’t – things could be more spooky than we thought they were. Congrats to all the Nobel Prize winners!

Halloween soon!


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for the purposes of this blog, the 4/5 of stuff ‘they’ the scientists don’t quite understand yet will be called ‘pong’: this is different from lovely smells (perfume) and grotty smells (awfully bad eggs) its just stuff thats everywhere in everything including space where ‘they’ thought it shouldn’t be and may only be known to Bob and Alice on the disappearing frontiers. (Theres a telly science programme on them and Stephen Hawkins theories for more info take a visit to the Science Centre and ask questions.) Faries, Elves etc Tree Dryads and God and also nature of course, understand petfectly.

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