topical – Give her a Pattern – DH Lawrence

Censorship, Information, Writing, Sad Happenings reported in the media.

This quote from Lawrence reflects the 1920’s Modernism, where all before it, all learning about ‘history’ was supressed because of Darwin and WWI and censorship and the change from Lord’s who owned the land to a newer society in the UK and a new society altogether in the USA.  Lawrence wasn’t published here for many years, but his works were published in America, this one in 1929.

…there’s nothing like repeating ‘old’ and ‘new’

Many thanks to the blogwriter for the reblog of Lawrence’s writing …

sadly we’ve absolutely no idea about the language on the ‘about’ pages or the meaning of the rest of the reblogged blog: so apologies, has anyone any info? or can they translate a little?

For info on Lawrence, here’s The local DH Lawrence Heritage twitter link:-

This is a topical post to remember how Lawrence’s beautiful writings were censored – and today with questions around censorship it’s useful to recall as long as theres ‘sensible’ censorship, and it doesn’t go too far it may be acceptable but we don’t wish to lose freedoms …

For more quotes and reads, there’s a lovely book reading site at Goodreads, & see the sidebar link its cool to read books instead of keepint going back to dreadful attacking gossip and it’s surprising the empathy that you can find with authors who write about life whether its fiction or biography….

This is a Topical thought for today …

It’s so sad about the awful intetnet abuse site that cost a young teen’s life … and yet we are all hoping to keep the best of internet info.

If you find abusive internet info for goodness sake un register, and delete the site. If it’s in real life (and it often is when people say comments in a confrontative style as if they are in a soap opera for the benefit of their ego and without thinking of the combined effects over time) find nicer people, turn a radio on that has music you like and listen without earphones! Don’t go inward, stay with us …

Ditto lots job application email knock backs – make a second email address with info and people and emails that will bring confidence.

DH Lawrence had to wait years for his writing to be appreciated and most of his writing was about ordinary relationships, the class and gender ‘wars’. Subjects that were ‘taboo’ in the establishment of the day, there are lots of themes are explored by writers over the centuries, lots of people have given life up because it’s perceived as an escape – and there surely could be a lack of understanding of the finality of death in our television generation as they don’t know what it means. Also women’s lives are being turned upside down with concepts of ‘new’ and ‘old’ and different cultural beliefs.

The UK is basically equality minded, but can independent women or people or youngsters survive financially or on their own? Friends can be everything.

Sometimes there isn’t a rescue. Sometimes there is a rescue…the important word is sometimes …don’t risk anything too dodgy.

There is however green space to walk and think and there are good friends and good people around even to just say ‘hi’ to once in a while.

Watch the seasons – see how the Deer can chase one deer away from the group – nature can be tough but tomorrow there’s always hope the herd will be accepting again.

if the spacing of this post is weird its because of the reblog and editing to correct it has to be done on the pc

Stay safe and happy.

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