Thats it for another year…

Not liking crowds is a problem, but this view of the festie is a fave- lots folk having a good time!

It’s not a new idea though Nottingham has been partying a long time:-  the first festie was in 1888 when Lord and Lady Middleton at the time (who were only at Wollaton for a few weeks in the summer, as they had another Estate) held the Royal Notts Show with a tightrope walker who had walked across Niagra Falls.

Other shows were held on the Embankment (by the council of the day presumably) and one year the original Barnum and Bailey circus were there with lots famous musicians and comedians of the day! Fun summers aren’t a new concept!

2013 (125 years later) the park is still partying!!

It’s really cool to see the whole festie take shape, the work and planning is brilliant and when the rain holds off and the sun’s out and theres cool music playing on all the stages it’s a really lovely bijou festie, someone should make a vid of the whole thing with the bands live to make more funds for the next one!!


Any chance of a 2 day festie – buses could run to the national watersports campsite, or day 2 could be there!

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