It’s how good uk summer’s really are:

Music for everyone (we so loved the free festies)… could listen to Jake by the lake all day and night!!

Info for Spendour folk, cashpoints etc on the Splendour and Events page.

Tip for oldies or delicates…allergies or ‘just not so much cash with families to feed and water’ trip – Greenfield info … … miss the nhs visit … …

Old fashioned summers style …

Have lots cold drinks: water has chlorine in it that can make you short of breath in the heat: if you make your own fruit juice from simmering fruit- plums, strawbs, mangos, peaches any fruit even oranges and grapefruit and then chill (juicing is cool too but add iced boiled water!) –  the simmered fruit can top ice cream or have jus as a desert with cream, then there’s iced tea with lemon or lime juice and peel or tonic water with lemon or lime peel chunks and juice  – the peel is delicious after an hour or so: or make milky coffee and chill,  all these mean you can have gallons of chlorine free drinks as boiling the water gets rid of the chlorine!  Mint tea or fruit tea is yummy too.

The key idea is to drink lots of foody kind of drinks that have minimal chlorine (or buy evian or vittel but thats expensive for lots people!) Hydrate and keep energy going healthily – it’s very genteel and saves pennies!

Breathe… … Sunbathe, listen to sounds … Sunscreen.

Going to the Heineken Splendour Festie? Take cash there’s no cash machine.



Theres lots of info on the blog search Splendour!

Hope there’s no thunderstorms!

All the festie is really for the organisers and bands to publish!

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