Splendour Festival Nottingham 20 July

The Splendour facebook page!!

Hiya to Festie Friends everywhere!!

Reminiscences (?) from everyone about old FUN and FREE Festies welcome (what other kinds of festie were there in the 70s while we aspiring kids listened intently on Radio Caroline?!!) … …

info especially from old hippies ...yes my friends, thats you … … could be posted here – lots of comments: perhaps we could write a book!… …

for example… ‘am thinking about how much fun we could have sharing an old peops home with the stones … … answer by glasto next year’??

and then there’s “remember the weekend after Bardney”!

and being Site Crew at Glastonbury and the fun when the ‘travellers’ were there … …

Splendour isn’t quite Reading or Leeds nor the I-O-W or T-in-the-park, or Hyde Park or even a retro big name concert in Clumber Park, but it’s our festie!

(see the Wollaton_nottm festie_links twitter for other festie info)

We like bijou festies with happy people…

Hoping for lots Fun this year with our Jake!! We can even listen from our armchairs!!




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