Picnic in the Park

The day was pretty awful courtesy of the inland revenue (a tale long in the telling), and a stop at the local store for some bbq chicken wings and a few chips from the chippy and a picnic in the park seemed a good idea – as it wasn’t such a wonderful evening weatherwise the park bench near the car park seemed a good option.

The Red Deer were a long way away near the park wall and the fallow deer were twitching their tails in the nearby field and jumping around as they do, happy and oblivious to everything but their herd.

A few moments after settling and tucking into the ‘picnic’ the Red Deer were on the move – was it the smell of the chicken and chips? Probably; they steadily wandered back towards the main part of the park and a quick retreat to the car was on the cards (check the antlers). Radio playing (apologies, I didn’t turn it off when I started to vid) the day was definitely getting better – but as the Deer came almost to the car it just seemed a good idea to have them on film – here’s the amateur video that won’t have a chance of being repeated for a while, if ever. It’s also on the sidebar for the rest of the year!!

Often the Deer wander around you and make a circuit with a steady stream of the herd slowly but carefully surrounding you, the Deer are all quite wary but not frightened of people and are definitely working as a herd.

It’s most likely they are hoping anything red will feed them as the park tractor that takes out the mangle worzles in the winter is coloured red – presumably they associate it with food. If you wear Red or Orange in the park – be warned! A new test will be to try the bbq picnic again and see if they are attracted across the park again!

The Deer are however dangerous when they have their antlers, and they have been know to attack people who get in their way: At the same time, if you don’t antagonise or wind them up – or get too close click clicking with cameras they can seem really friendly and just continue with their world as if the silly two legged humans just aren’t there. Whether the situation today would have been different if I had a vension burger I just don’t know.

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