Happy Solstice 2013

Have a Happy Midsummer Day

The saying for tonight from my grandparent is this:-

“The longest day has passed away, prepare for the longest night” (at Midwinter it obviously changes around)

Heres a link to a Stonehenge website particularly as its probably the oldest calendar we have …
(there are more Stone Circles in Derbyshire at Arbour Low and Nine Ladies to name two).


If you like to know when other people celebrate their own special days and like green-space and peaceful websites there’s a super site at Chalice Well with calendar information on all kinds of Celebrations all around the world go to the facebook and like and the information for all the celebrations around the world arrives on your facebook on the day – Their website is absolutely lovely – link soon.

a request to allow a post or page with their website screenpic and a link has been sent and if the reply is go ahead, it will be on this blog in the next few days…


Stonehenge is definitely a beautiful place to visit – and Chalice Well at Glastonbury is just around an hours from there into Somerset. This pic was taken in 1964-ish before the visitor centre, when you could park near the stones (not that we would want to now) and before the “Alternative People” claimed their right to be back there – the “Alternative Folk” in those childhood days were Bards and Druids for real I suppose!

stonehenge morris m

This is a copy of Last years post on the Morrisminorarcana’s blog about the Summer Solstice (on the sidebar) – and its also found it’s way onto other peoples Pearltrees – and they have commented and said its cool!! How good is that!!! Lovely internet-ing Communicating !!!

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