New photo App!


HDR Fx App on Googleplay:- superb photo editing options.

Just practising …still need a mega camera but for now this is cool.

Have a lovely volunteers week:- remember too that most trade union reps are volunteers, and the best of their endeavours (not the worst) have brought about things we all take for granted like universal sufferage (a vote for everyone…although ‘they’ were quite late with womens right to vote) …sick pay, holidays and pensions…

and the Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance

‘Volunteers’ were of course often ‘pressed’ in days gone by, the navy press gang men would drop the kings shilling in unsuspecting mens beer and cart them off to work for the navy.

Also years ago the penny pamphlets and flyers were printed quietly and secretly as they were the only information workers and the ordinary people had to represent their voice,  there was no social security to pay into and collect from: so work was either paid (not necessarily brilliantly well) or ‘in service’ or worse.

Often large houses like Wollaton Hall only saw the owners for around six weeks of the year.  The rest of the time the tennant farming folk went about their business keeping the farms on the estate producing food for the landlord and it was sent to them wherever they were in the UK or abroad so they could entertain, if the Lord was a military man the food produced might go to help feed his regiment.

Those were the days!!

Armed Forces Weekend next..

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