When the April showers are still around and yet the summer sunshine hasn’t arrived yet: when the days are drawing out towards the longest day and our ‘little’ planet is tipping nearest to the sun ready for the Summer solstice.

When the rainy showery days are lessening (hopefully) and the trees are blossoming and yet the fruit is weeks away; it’s all too simple to believe summer is already here. 

If we lived a bit closer to the equator we might have long daylight days and summer weather all together, but would miss out on the green grass and the trees and we need our seasons so all the plants and crops and eventually fruit can grow…wouldn’t it be cool if we could all grow our own fruit and veg!

The park is open longer and longer as the gates close at dusk and its daylight longer…however no-one told the deer who expect the place to themselves by teatime.


Everything is just as it should be

Except of course the kids havn’t got their adventure playground anymore. (Any chance of a mega playground in the old walled gardens? My generation spent hours and hours after school on the zip wires!!) They really would leave their computers and turn up on the

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