Funniest website seen for ages

Worth a look for a laugh (assuming you aren’t super wealthy in which case:- it’s soul searching)

There is some swearing that’s not really cool on the link- but ‘hey, that’s urban’

and of course political speak from different parties and the N-S divide goes something like this

If you remember those kind of days, survive the week, don’t despair: I can remember the Great man Churchill’s funeral, but not the Iron Duke’s funeral:- the philosophy is, the ordinary people just dont need another war.

It’s quite powerful media voodoo this ‘preparing for the real thing’ … so facilitate, go with the flow, put any appeal paperwork for the “bedroom tax” in within a month. Hopefully our Monarch will reach 100.

Germany spends more on keeping their social standards up

This blog isn’t political or a social commentary, see the leader of the Council twitter, the local MPs or opposition ones etc they can talk for the region. Wolly Park trys to keep an organic lifestyle – family motto:- tugging plants up doesn’t make them grow.

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