Blogging concepts- UK mixed Economy

I have this idea that each place in an area has a number of blogs: the school, the shops (websites), the individual houses and each person in each family in those houses, and their social media.  The community, the library, (with absoluely hundreds of ebooks and real books and music) the pubs (just one web-blog for each pub, surely thats not enough maybe they have a pool, darts and footie team??) there are the trades folk and restaurants and take aways and garden centres.

In fact the internet is collecting a whole raft of data on us that we really would’t allow if there were still paper questionaires…

I think we should make up some really awsomely successful company data and a virtual world just to see if it would attract the real thing, even if just to compete with the completely average monologue for the area!!

A kind of second life commerce virtual space…we could run it from the pub … we make a virtual highly successful community (remember when it was reality for everyone?) with more southern (uk that is not Aussie or Texas) style spending power ie no mortgages and lots of investment and dividends paid out, lots of boats, helicopters and posh cars, fashion from designers etc etc…

The kind of world of Mayfair or Henly on Thames (boat mooring side on) South of Watford Gap “thanks to the north for sending their profits shall we go to the Arts, the Opera or just buy a small island or an airline concept a la Virgin media style or Square Mile style”!

The kind of online world to educate people who live in skyscrapers who know nothing of land or animals or crops who may be wealthy enough to run governments that theres something worthwhile in the ordinary feet on the ground down to earth world.

Promoting the idea that the working class in tiny teeny regions of the uk are ok and not owning land outright or having a large share portfolio or being upper class with no family life just private everything – oxbridge, finishing schools, wealthy boarding schools doesnt mean ripe for exploitation or unworthy in every way for not having new money-pneu money… Because we can be clever or inventive etc a la John Player and Jesse Boot …

The kind of second life, third life 39 steps life with an awsome technology that the whole world wants…not films (but thats a possibility but it really is a stitched up industry) A green environmenally friendly car maybe…or evidence that fuel doesnt cause global warming – a way to heat homes and businesses with a wolly discovered cheap alternative fuel possibility. Just a way of making gold…an awsome worldwide musician who would play for us…

Wolly Alchemie?? Could be fun in teams… best designs, concept artwork, etc etc

Instead of the clues highlighted hour by hour because we give free info and dont believe in enterprise system – to avoid destroing our suburbia cosy unedgy not media or anything much focused in facebook society and not selling owt:- and-or by not having any info out there attracting attention… we have a collective site to spin a cool yarn…

Brave Hobbits – the Mega Media were here a while back… … and in 2013 who’s running Splendour, could we have some of the ‘pot o money’ for a local competition donated? Just think how much Glastonbury makes ..the ‘The Rolling Stones’ lucky people. Could Budweiser turn up rather than jaegermeister?

It’s a movement…

Just a thought for a rainy day

Kicking a can (o’ film) all over the place – all the way to success for us.

Russia ie the USSR did it on paper and in mago’s for years…

The plot goes like this…(send 1000 words in a doc to ..)

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