A Foursquare link – because rainy pics aren’t so cool

A Foursquare checkin is added here just for fun – and then you could also have a peek at the new pinterest boards on the sidebar.

We’re all just waiting for the daffodils to come out in the gardens to celebrate the end of Winter (and as they aren’t flowering yet, was Easter early this year as well Notts having all the cold weather, freezing nights and snow?) Maybe waiting for Springtime proper to turn up in the park could go on for weeks, perhaps we have forgotten what Spring means:- thinking it’s about lots of ‘almost summer days’ and believing it should be like that because of central heating at home and work and the telly weather twits and a two day heatwave at the end of February last year (that was of course before the second snow that fell here in Nottingham 2012- thats 2 years running. It only snowed twice in ten years in the 60s or thereabouts, Derbyshire always has snow, but not Nottingham City suburbs).

If you really take notice and listen there’s hundreds of small birds back happily chirping, the squirrels are leaping about again and there are signs of new life. With the rainy days the Deer will have some fresher water and jucier grass – the middle field is to be avoided as thats where the feed has been and the Deer are now dehydrated and they are a bit pongy when they hang out in a small space until the rain gives them and the grass a shower! Of course Farms with animals are all out of sorts when the weather isn’t mild
and the park is no exception. The ground when it’s frozen won’t let any rain through so it’s all out of balance. Has anyone found any antlers in the last couple of weeks? They have just about all dropped off now, it’s a mystery that we don’t find them scattered around or anyone putting a branch in their car: “No never seen them, not one set in over 50 years” is the answer if you ask anyone.

Springtime is really marked by longer days, more daylight, rainy showers and the chance to sow plants that will grow send out shoots that peek through quickly, there’s also beautiful blossom on the trees and the trees come into flower in the middle of Spring (here in the East Midlands anyway but of course Spring arrives earlier in the Channel Islands).

Maybe we need lots of rain just one or two days, a big storm even, to make everywhere really fresh again for the grass to go proper grass colour!…thats Park life, yellow grass at 52N latitude is wrong in April!! The farm folk must be fedup with waiting for a bit warmer weather – or are they wiser than we think?

An ice cream 99 from Jackies ice cream van with raspberry sauce in the rain in the car in the carpark was a reminder of days on UK holidays, Scotland particularly and was a celebration of Easter and the choc bars. Its safe and warm and almost ideal to watch the deer and a cool space to check the emails – a couple of days ago about ten of the female deer were wandering all round the carpark quite friendly and skittish. How cool is that, coffee, ice cream, mifi, a marvelous view of wildlife.

The Foursquare checkin is fun and says:-

“Super storm clouds yesterday, light drizzly rain today: walked with my brolly!! Check out my photos or leave a comment at:


(Wollaton Hall & Deer Park Wollaton Rd., Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG8 2AE, GB) – Dily Don’t have foursquare yet? You’re missing out! Grab it at:

http://www.foursquare.com/get nowwww.foursquare.com/get now/.

Pinterest re-pinning images ‘project’ has been fun with the rain pattering on the window. It’s a social site – if you need an invite to join leave a comment!

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