Early Movies

Just a thought, as the Mrs T world briefly revives:- lots of people who were born in the 20s 30s and 40s became the very first ‘Film Generation’, these film devotees were romantic, conservative and aspired to the themes and entertainment, music and styles brought about by the early films.

Nothing else really mattered, to go to the Cinema was the thing.

They (the ordinary people- us) wanted to be part of the new money upwardly mobile world of owning a car, household goods, fashions, a going-out social life: but interestingly the men also aspired to (and the women had to accept being) stay-at-home-wives once they had the kids!!

It’s so far from the current news media hype about a politician who was such an exception to the rule especially for a woman born in the 1920s (apart from wartime) … An apology to all those ordinary aviatrix and munitions workers and mums who evacuated their kids or lost husbands and family is in order.

For inspiration, heres an interesting link.

Thinking maybe, just maybe this next week, is a high jinks scene setting, a swan-song…a sequel to a biographical film…that in reality could be more effective than having the director talking and the production team running around producing.


Maybe the book was Paradise Lost Book II!

Maybe we were nearly on Mack and Mabel ….

Mabel…in Nottingham would be Mabel Goodacre Player

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  1. It’s difficult to find educated people in this particular subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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