A Britain of Lakes, Lochs, Loughs And Tarns | VisitBritain Super Blog

This beautiful blog has superb photographs of lakes around the UK and although it hasn’t included a pic of Wollaton Park Lake, it does have one of Rutland Water. Wollypark blog now has some UK pages as it’s evolving for 2013, they are included so you can plan some super weekends away that aren’t too expensive…don’t forget to come back and walk the park again though: it’s good to see other places and good to be home again. The Ramblers have walks all around the country if you are on your own or like company, there are wildlife reserves and even YHS hostels and family rooms if you are on a budget, plus super b+b’s. There’s nice people to meet and lovely places to see in the countryside, county towns and Cities even arts museums and theatres…having just a day in Derbyshire or another neighbouring county can make you smile. It’s a bit cold for camping yet and theres still snow around if you have a caravan!! Here’s the bloglink.. A Britain of Lakes, Lochs, Loughs And Tarns | VisitBritain Super Blog http://www.visitbritainsuperblog.com/2012/10/a-britain-of-lakes-lochs-loughs-and-tarns/

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