Civilised Cities

An Organised thought for the day

In an attempt to avoid repeating the past and sending our Cities back to the days of Slums and Scapegoating politics, and in an attempt to rationaly focus on the worst issues of the day – how to NOT achieve austerity that pushes people and communities to the edge again (- remember the Miners “We are not closing the Coal Mines, Coal Mines are not being closed, communities will not suffer” days) and in the HOPE that there is a way of attracting employers to the UK there’s an organised march in London today (not a peoples riot).  There were of course communities who suffered horribly in the shutting down of all our coalpits.

Ovbiously rioting isnt a way forward – but how do the young who dont even have rights to housing benefit cope?

At the same time, it should be pointed out that the Utilities Standing Charges for an average house or flat are running at £10.50 a week THATS BEFORE ANY GAS ELECTRIC OR WATER is used, and this represents over 11% of an out of work persons weekly income and a similar amount for a pensioner who lives on their own.  Thats the pay as  you go tarriff that can attract the lower cost utility prices as they happen. Oh and an average tank of hot water at environment temperatures of around 10 degrees costs 20p – thats another £1.40 a week to be civilised for just one person…. THATS £11.90 before any heating!!

There were of course, 80 x 3d (thruppences)  to the pound years ago….and a shilling was plenty of gas for a week.

What chance is there of employers seeing the UK as an attractive place if wages have to increase to give a civilised lifestyle (basic hot water and heating) and their own utility costs are exorbitant?  No wonder they move abroad.   Someone please advise their NET profits after all payments, costs, dividend, taxation – and why they are not being used for the benefit of the people who have created them – other countries bring companies to account who are not in the country’s best interest.

End of thought of the day – back to environment …

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