Long lazy hazy evenings

All gone, a few misty sunshiny mornings left and the City trees that this year might not make that awsome Autumn colour show because of the rain…

Theres a few pics of a sultry as in overcast, cloudy afternoon, the Stag with old Crow (best friend or just limitless patience?) The Ratcliffe Power Station cloud factory, the leaves trying to change and burst into a riot of russety colours and on the way back – a reminder of how Nottingham people describe this time of year…’Proper Goose Fair Weather’ (that means it’s probably misty mornings, foggy evenings, rainy and getting colder)!





Time to sort out the Autumny-winter clothes, bright jumpers, boots, hats, gloves, pashmina’s remember how the layers go, even wooly tights! Then check all the bills and accounts to see if anything can be juggled and made a little less expensive – that used to be to pay for the coal delivery for the winter fires (the lovely coalman and the delivery lorry to fill the coalhouse for the winter) the fireplace glowing and flickering when we got home from school (after a detour round the park!). These days rationalising the bills is to contribute to the central heating (often oil fired electric radiadors work better) so cosy warm is possible. Home was full of home baking, pies and pastry’s and cakes and homemade soups to make the most of grocery shopping, and home made bread plus lots of yorkshire puddings and casseroles with chunks of bread cooked on top, baked potato’s, dumplings savory and sweet and fruit puddings: they dont take long to make and its fun and warm by the cooker (stove)… so Autumn and Winter arent a continuation of Spring and Summer, they’re totally different and bring a feel good feeling rather than struggling to keep summer temperatures and pay mega bills.

Mmmn – and no arguing especially after St Martins day…but starting with Goose Fair because theres a long winter coming up and everyone needs to know they are safe. No changing ‘masters’ after Nov 11th…choose wisely now and stick to it till Spring.

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