Evenings drawing in

Slow down a little, appreciate whats around, chillout, walking excercise is good for you.

It always seems there’s something not quite ok with the world as those beautifully still long shadowed September evenings give way to the twightlight creeping earlier and earlier, and then the Park Gates begin to close before everyone is home from work and theres this big question in the minds of the really elderly; will we see those long evenings for another year. Then the mental preparation for Autumn and Winter starts, how the Scandinavians cope with nearly six months of hardly any daylight we just don’t know. Planning is second nature for the 35+ folks here, but the kids who are setting up home and getting through the first few Winters with their own money aren’t so sure. Whether to have a pay as you go electric and gas meter or a credit one and pay the same all year each month is one of the questions, saving for Christmas is another, how much is the heating going to have inflated to (we only need the same amount, why does it have to cost so much more?) is there enough for one more weekend away?

Then just as all the questions are running around our heads, the trees start to change colour, (the leaves havn’t arrived at that stage in Nottm yet, but will soon) the beauty of Autumn proper sets in and lifts spirits for a while.  Working for a living often means less greenspace time and this City hasn’t got the ‘lunchtime in the park’ concept…wouldn’t it be cool for a one day a week only carpark ticket all day with a bus ride ticket included, so folk could leave the car in a morning and hop back at lunch and pick it up and zoom off to work? Maybe included in the workplace parking levy, colour coded and day specific for all the winter months. Wollaton could have say Thursdays and a pink six month ticket park at 8.30-9.30 to closing, after all working can mean no walking greenspace except at the weekends! Theres Wollaton Park, Attenborough, Holme Pierrepont to name a few who could participate!



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