Sad about Hillsborough…

Especially as GEC were just buying up Plessey, who had factories in both Forest Nottingham and at Edge Lane, Liverpool and removing the enhanced redundancy terms despite all assurances. It seemed so connected at the time and quite frightening especially for fans who were there. GEC had even put turnstiles up at the Beeston factory entrance the same as at football grounds just before it happened: not that there was any connection of course, but both factories had fans at the match. It was very spooky with a tenuous kind of psychological significance.

23 years on the relatives didn’t deserve to wait so long for a proper report, sorry just is not an adequate response and the timing feels as if it has a fear factor involved for the children who had to grow up in the aftermath, sadly disasters happen: crazy people build where they shouldn’t and with materials that are inadequate, safety is ignored, motoring and other forms of travel have their risks.

We are lucky that we don’t live with earthquakes, volcano’s or tsunami’s (nuclear disasters could happen of course) thinking of any of these doesn’t make things any better – to learn we lived in such an uncivilised land that attending a sporting event was dangerous, is outrageous but no surprise after all at one time industry and particularly coal mining had dangers disasters and cover up’s, Aberfan being one of the worst.

RIP for all those who lost their lives – hopefully not without improvements to prevent it happening again, since then lots of safety measures have been put in place at Sports grounds but it does bring questions to mind again and those questions aren’t answered with ‘sorry’.

Here in our Suburb and City maybe schools, groups or personal gestures from Nottingham City Council and it’s residents could be to plant trees or a new woodland.

So heres a link…just a thought. Unique Woodland Dedication Gifts

| Woodland Trust Shop

or just find an acorn or two and plant them where they might grow.

Other major disasters and cover ups …industry
Coal mines
Senghenydd 1913,
Oaks 1866 (there were 17 further explosions after the second worst disaster- the worst up to 1913, untill the mine closed in the 1960s! The memorial after this 1866 disaster wasn’t put in place until Senghenydd happened in 1913…wiki info ),
Whitehaven (they wouldn’t rescue the miners…a record on the internet says men were buried alive and the mine sealed),
Aberfan 1966 (where the mountain of slack coal slid down the valley because of a -reported!!- stream underneath and buried a school.)
We wollaton park kids sat and cried at the telly reports…

Hillsborough the result of incompetence beyond comprehension.

and then there are wars and lack of equipment etc

Sadly in 1989 there were other disaster reports and disasters
The lockerbie report, the kegworth air disaster and a bombing.
No reasonable ordinary wants any of these disasters to happen, if anything ocurrs we certainly dont expect opportunistic careerism and media reporting to cloud, distort or amend the facts and compound what essentially begins with either an accident from some kind of health and safety failure or incompetence. Hopefully the accepted national media won’t put sensationalism and their own profit above good sense, the truth and a resolution of the situation, or scapegoats of families who have endured such disasters.

The UK 1989 year, wiki.

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